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Posted by Alex

5 Tips To Improve Your Training

Maximise your workouts for bigger gains using the below 5 tips:

Develop Your Abs

While squatting try moving the bar from the rear of your shoulders to the front. This will result in your abs doing an extra 5% work during each squat.

Warm Up Before Exercise

A quick warm up before you train, such as performing the full range of each exercise with a light weight for 10 reps before lifting, will result in 5% increase in strength. Also reducing risk of injury.

Dynamic Stretches

Swapping static stretches for dynamic ones before your workout will result in a 7% increase in your strength during training.

Free Weights

Swap the smith machine for free weights when squatting, this will result in an additional 43% muscle fibres you will work. Get faster sprint times, ripped abs and legs that look as good as they perform.

Dynamic Exercises

Adding a dynamic element to any exercise works up to 5% more muscle fibres than the normal version. For example; adding a clap in-between each push up.

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