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Posted by Raj

Eating the Paleo Way Without Even Knowing It

As Paleo diet grows rapidly popular among ordinary people, athletes and health buffs, attention and interest of the general public is stirred and piqued. What is exactly Paleo Diet?

As many already know, Paleo diet calls for everyone to go back to basics and adapt the diet for our caveman ancestors who were known to prepare their food in a primitive way. Paleo diet encourages the elimination of processed food products, grains, legumes, dairy products, and basically anything food product or food source that were not available several centuries ago.

The Great Advantages and Challenges of Paleo Diet

What sets Paleo diet apart from other weight loss diet out there? Well, for one, although Paleo diet has been proven to promote and support weight loss, it is not specifically designed for people who are battling with the stubborn bulge. It is a healthy diet program for people who want to live a healthy life by making smart and informed food choices and adapting a clean, healthy lifestyle.

In addition, unlike other diet programs that specify a limited time period, Paleo diet is designed to be adapted on a long term basis. Simply put, Paleo diet is a way of life.

Another unique thing about Paleo diet is the fact that it encourages the consumption of lean meats which is quite contrary towhat other diets that advocate the elimination of meat from the diet. This is certainly good news for meat lovers.

Paleo diet is also less restrictive compared to other diet programs. For one, it does not require you to keep count of your calorie intake although like many other diet programs, it encourages proper portioning of food. Perhaps one of the great challenges of Paleo diet is the elimination of refined flour and grains, which means no pasta, pastries, pizzas and rice the very food items that are recognized and well-loved dishes by both young and old today.

Unwittingly Adapting Paleo Diet

If you think about it, healthy diet is Paleo diet. We are all well aware of the detrimental effect of processed food products, which are loaded with additives, preservatives and other chemicals that inadvertently increase health risks.

Whether or not you have decided to follow Paleo, in so many ways, in choosing to eat healthy, you have embraced the Paleo diet without even knowing it. For one, the growing popularity of eating raw vegetables and organic fruits are highlighted as well as the elimination of processed food and sugar laden beverages. All these are consistent with the principles of Paleo lifestyle eating healthy food in its most basic, unrefined form.

Since Paleo diet allows consumption of meat, it is significantly easier to adapt. There are a number of dishes that can be adapted to Paleo with very little or no improvisation.

You will be surprised to know that there are full arrays of Paleo diet recipes out there that include the great, gold old classics. In addition, there are dishes can be improvised into a Paleo dish with a little improvisation and creativity on your part such as replacing bread for cabbage when making sandwiches. The possibilities are endless. And far from feeling deprived, adapting the Paleo diet can become a truly liberating and rewarding experience if you choose it to be.

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